5 Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guest For Beach Party

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5 Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guest For Beach Party

Destination Wedding Planners have so much to offer! The feeling of getting married to the love ones is extraordinary. It becomes more special when everything happens exactly what we have dreamed of our big day. The beach is an ideal location for many of the couples. The waves striking against the shore, charming waterfront and the refreshing breeze air give the feeling of wonderful environments.

There are plenty of breathtaking ideas to decorate the beech location for wedding ceremonies. For those who wish to tie the knot at Goa then this blog is for you. Get creative ideas from wedding settings to bars. I suggest you start by inviting your guests in the most unique way.

Decorate Venue To Welcome Your Wedding Guest

Being a good host is all about letting your guests know you’re happy and want colleagues to be a part of your happiness. Grab Interesting welcome signs by Event Management Companies to have more fun. Let’s take a look at some unique outdoor Destination Wedding Planners venue to welcome sign ideas that can add a unique charm to your beach wedding decoration.

1. Palm Leaves Arch

Make a small-scale arch with the palm leaves and make them affix to the wooden board. In the middle write a welcome note using decorative accessories like pop color glitter, fancy paper, etc.. You can also add a wedding couple’s names on the board. The glitters and pop up green color leaves will make a board look more stunning and eye-catching. The fly of green shading from the leaves and the wood will look dazzling against the Blue Ocean and white sand.

2. Upstanding Surf Boards

The seashore and surfboards go connected at the hip. Beautify surfboards with a perfect guest plan can dive you into the best host. Make the use of colorful surfboards to display welcome notes that also carry a list of the ceremony, the seating arrangement, and the cocktail menu on them.

3. Tie a large piece of the fishing net with Little Anchors

Fishing Net can be the best option for the decoration. Placing a piece of the net between two wooden poles and decorating it with beautiful anchors can impress your guest. Hang the anchors in such a way that gives brief details of the party. Design anchors for a date, names of the bride and groom, party theme, etc

4. Mirror Welcome Signs

In case you’re focusing on an upscale sea shore glitz vibe, then go including mirrors in designing the welcome sign. Grab the attention of your guest by utilizing different shapes and sizes of mirrors for creating a unique welcome sign. You can even make a diagram of your romantic phase of life. Modify it with glittering paint, paper to make the guest excited to enjoy your party.

5. Colorful Fruit Display

Make excellent organic product shows on a huge plate and dishes that your guests can appreciate as they enter the scene. Welcome loved ones by tempting their taste buds with different fruits like lychees, pineapples, papayas, grapes, and many more.

6. Descent & Stylish Welcome Entryway

Decorate the entryway with colorful flowers that goes well with the seashore or beach sand. Flowers are the sign of love which gives a pleasant feeling to the soul. Make your guest feel wow right from the moment they reach the venue

Hope this idea works well when you are planning to host wedding ceremonies for the beach location. However, you can take the help of Event Management Companies in executing a grand destination wedding.

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